Health Solutions that Transcend the Sea of Sameness

Health Solutions that Transcend the Sea of Sameness

A customizable enterprise health management platform designed to lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes

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What Makes Us Different?

At New Ocean, we aren’t just another health and wellness company. We take the complex and make it simple. And we drive real change through an individual journey to improved health management. Our content supports a healthier way of living through programs that address lifestyle and a range of chronic conditions–the costliest and most challenging aspect of healthcare today. Our solution is customized around your unique needs and culture to drive cost savings and increased participation, whether you have a thousand employees you self-insure, millions of health plan members, or you manage a health system in need of a customized offering.

  • Platform

    The Bridge, our scalable enterprise platform, is the driving force behind our innovative solutions that unite our proprietary content with third party data. Our unique architecture allows you to enhance and expand your existing infrastructure and content without a New Ocean footprint and without ever leaving your platform. And, if you don’t have an existing platform, you can quickly and easily implement our solution—at a much lower cost. Our team of experts has a history of building interfaces that integrate with existing solutions like EMRs, pharmacy systems, and HR systems, to address the individual needs of our clients.

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  • Product

    Health and well-being is about more than just short-term results.  New Ocean’s solutions are based in scientific research and focus on promoting sustainable healthy behaviors. Our core solution, The Voyage is built on proven behavior change science and principles of behavioral economics and is packed with original content and meaningful incentives to provide an engaging user experience. Within The Voyage there are hundreds of unique programs under a range of focuses that include lifestyle and chronic condition management for a more personalized and more rewarding health journey.

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  • People

    Get to know our team of bold, curious experts, who are strategically agile in finding the connection points others cannot and saying yes when others say no. Our team takes the time to understand your challenges and works alongside you to turn them into strategic advantages.

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  • From  Ranch  to  Roundtable

    From Ranch to Roundtable

    New Ocean CEO Hal Rosenbluth has been lauded by the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times as an unconventional leader, a visionary and trendsetter. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The Customer Comes Second, which advocates for creating a great service organization through an internal focus on employees resulting in those same employees having nothing to focus on other than clients. Hal splits his time between his red angus cattle ranch in rural North Dakota and the New Ocean headquarters in Philadelphia, and he uses his blog to share lessons about leadership, hard work and humility that often bridge these very different worlds.

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