Platform and Price

Platform and Price

Revolutionary pricing for transformative technology

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Extraordinary Pricing for the Industry-Best, Most Comprehensive Health and Well-Being Solution

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    250K+ $0.90PPPM

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    1K-250K $2.00PPPM

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Most companies pay between $3.20 and $8.40 per person per month for health and wellness programs.
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Year one savings with New Ocean based on industry averages*

  • Low-end (vs $3.20 PPPM)** $0

  • Mid Range (vs $5.50 PPPM)** $0

  • High-end (vs $8.40 PPPM)** $0

*Based on findings from a study of leading corporate wellness companies and their wellness and health management platforms (Cipher Systems, 2017)
**Savings include a one-time year one implementation fee for Enterprise solution only.



The Bridge (PaaS) Platform

Just as the bridge of a ship acts as a command center, the New Ocean Bridge is the unique and customizable platform behind our solutions and their endless possibilities. The Bridge brings together our proprietary content along with the multitude of third party data from the disparate parts of the healthcare ecosystem through health and well-being programs accessible via any device at any time.

The hallmark of the Bridge is its flexibility and the integration of user health data into one place for a holistic user experience. Your users navigate seamlessly through our private health assessments into tailored solutions without leaving the platform.

They engage naturally with programs, content and tools that support healthy behavior. They leverage health trackers for monitoring progress, encounter challenges and rewards that complement your culture and draw inspiration from a social community that supports and celebrates their progress. The Bridge leads to improved employee engagement, reduced healthcare costs and enhanced company culture.

Predictive Analytics

Analyzing big data to give you 20/20 vision for the future of your population health, New Ocean will work with you to integrate claims data and capture highly visual insights to develop strategies to reduce costs. With our data analytics tool, you’ll transform the future of your population health so you can empower your workforce, improve health outcomes, bolster productivity and reduce costs.

Measuring Success

Our work doesn’t end when we implement a new solution and programs for your people. We’ll work with you to measure engagement, participation levels and program popularity. Together, we’ll continuously look for ways to improve what you’re offering and make sure you’re meeting your benchmarks for success.

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