Health Solutions that Transcend the Sea of Sameness

Health Solutions that Transcend the Sea of Sameness

Learn how the experts at New Ocean Health are driven by the desire to anticipate your needs before you do.

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Why New Ocean?

Why New Ocean?

Because healthcare is facing an enormous problem, and we’re here to tackle it. One of the biggest challenges in the U.S. is the rising tide of healthcare costs. To overcome this challenge, New Ocean starts with a team of experts driven by relentless curiosity and an unrivaled track record of transforming industries and effecting the behavioral changes necessary to reduce costs.

We know that employers and health plan providers are juggling the needs of those struggling to get and stay healthy with the increasingly high cost of providing support. According to a RAND Health Gallup study, 85 percent of companies with 1,000 employees or more have invested in wellness programs, but in most cases, these programs aren’t effectively engaging participants. In the past, only 60 percent of employees with access to wellness programs know about them and far fewer actually participate. New Ocean is changing this script one company at a time.

How We Can Help

New Ocean offers an integrated health and well-being platform that allows users to manage all aspects of their physical, emotional and financial health with ease, embracing long-term, meaningful lifestyle changes and chronic condition management. In fact, New Ocean is the first in the healthcare industry to create an enterprise platform that not only addresses well-being but includes chronic conditions – the costliest and most challenging aspect of healthcare.  Our programs are customized around your unique needs and culture to drive participation, effect behavioral change and drive cost savings.

  • Platform

    The Bridge is New Ocean’s bi-directional, integrated enterprise health maximization platform, connecting solutions from the disparate parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Using today’s leading-edge tools and functions, we incorporate your current programs in health and well-being into our platform and its vast array of content providing a single point of access to increase utilization and enhance user experience. Its mobile-first, people-centric design engages users at every step to empower customized solutions and flexible integration for payers, providers and employers.

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  • Product

    Unlike typical wellness programs, New Ocean believes that health and well-being is about more than just short-term results. Our solutions are engaging but based in scientific research. We combine behavior change science and behavioral economics with original content and meaningful incentives to make well-being management easier, more personalized and more rewarding than ever before.

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  • People

    Get to know our team of bold, curious experts, who are strategically agile in finding the connection points others cannot and saying yes when others say no. Our team takes the time to understand your challenges and works alongside you to turn them into strategic advantages.

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